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About the use of the site

Association of Ome-shi sightseeing (it is said as follows with "our association") administers this website.
Please use our Web site in understanding each following matters.

1.About a copyright

1.An individual sentence, a photograph, an image, the copyright about the other books (I name it generally as follows, and it is said with "contents") carried on our association Web site and our association Web site belong to the rightful claimant of us or original work author others.

2.The acts to do such as a reproduction, the public transmission, change, excision, the reproduction to the Web site of the user ask for contents unless it is recognized by others Copyright Act when I make printing or preservation for the purpose of the personal use without getting the consent of our association, original work author or other rightful claimants to have our association get consent after communication in what is prohibited by Copyright Act beforehand.


1.Our association is contents, other Web sites, and, about the contents of contents, the accuracy, utility, certainty others are not the things which do any kind of guarantee.Even if some kind of damage occurred by the use such as contents by any chance, we do not take all responsibility.

2.Our association the constitution of the Web site, a use condition, URL and contents without a notice there is a change or a thing canceling it.

3.Our association the administration of the Web site without a notice there is an interruption or a thing canceling it.

3.About a link

About the link to top page ( of our association Web site, the communication of the link is unnecessary regardless of profit / non-profit, a corporation / an individual.But I ask to have the following verboten link after confirmation.In addition, in the case of the hope, please inform the page except the top page of a direct link than an inquiry form in specifying the URL of the Web page of the hope.


The link from the applicable homepage is not accepted firmly next.
In addition, please follow it by all means when I offer the link deletion from our association.

1. The intellectual property rights such as any kind of copyright, trademark rights an infringement or a Web site (including the development in the frame) that might infringe
2. It is an infringement or the Web site that I might infringe in the property of another person, privacy, a right of likeness without obtaining the person himself's consent
3. The Web site that I hold collection or loathsomeness by the personal information of another person without obtaining the person himself's consent or dispatches the E-mail which can cause it
4. It is a Web site with damage or the fear by slander slander, discrimination against another person, honor or trust
5. A Web site I feign it when tied up with another person and other organizations and I give another person and am dressed in non-person thing and an organization or pretend to be another person, and to offer service to
6. The Web site that I am tied to crimes such as the fraud or might be tied
7. The Web site that invites establishment of the endlessly chain reaction scheme (multilevel distributionship) or this
8. The Web site that conflicts with resemblance and the Public Officers Election Act in election campaign and the preelection campaigning or these
9. Other than each above, it is violation (prostitution, violence, brutality), the Web site that I am obscene, and are equivalent to child porno or child abuse in laws and ordinances, public order and morals
10. Interfere with the service administration of our association, and damage trust or infringe the property of our association; or is a Web site with the fear